Chōjū-giga, meaning "Animal Caricatures" is a famous set of four picture scrolls, or emakimono, belonging to Kōzan-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan. The Chōjū-giga scrolls are also referred to as the Scrolls of Frolicking Animals.

The images illustrate anthropomorphic rabbits and monkeys bathing and getting ready for a ceremony. A monkey thief runs from animals with sticks and knocks over a frog from the lively ceremony. Further on, the rabbits and monkeys are playing and wrestling while another group of animals participate in a funeral.

Here, this famous scroll has been printed on yarn-dyed aizome indigo fabric.

  • Size: 18 x 18 , 20 x20

  • Insert: Duck blend

  • Material: 100% Cotton (front), 100% Mohair (back)

All fabrics are either vintage or antique. Color variation and imperfections should be expected as they are consistent with age and use.

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